Casting Blues and Matt’s Premarital Woes ‘In Transit’ – Review


Marriage is a business arrangement.

In Transit (1:4) has been digging deeper into the drama aspect these past two episodes. Marcus (Alex Millwood) has financial problems while Arj (Thulaisi Sivapalan) and Caesar (John Gomez Goodway) begin to butt heads over Caesar’s laziness–is this  the only obstacle. On top of that, Matt (Nicholas Richard) is given a prenuptial to sign. Did the guys make a wrong turn somewhere along the line?

As usual, Caesar is refusing to leave the couch and give up munching on tasty snacks in exchange for attempting to find work. Naturally, Arj the go-getter is pissed at him. But according to Caesar’s agent, many of the casting agencies are overlooking him due to the fact he is Asian. Marcus asks Matt if the hospital he’s employed at is hiring for cleaning work because of recent financial troubles, but he won’t specify why. Matt is now in a problem of his own since his wife Stephanie (Emily Burke) suggests that Matt sign a prenup –her father encouraged it.

The prenup situation is surprising as Matt does not seem like the type that would take advantage of whatever assets his wife has. If she is going to be married to Caesar, maybe the situation makes a little sense. As for Caesar, it is rather unfortunate that the entertainment industry’s racism is rearing its ugly head and preventing him from scoring legitimate work. Marcus seems like an alright guy, but what is he hiding? As usual, In Transit‘s writing is very solid and as season one progresses, it will be great to see further character and situation development.

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In Transit
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Matt and Marcus find themselves in sticky situations. Arj is annoyed with Caesar, who discovers exactly what being "ethnic" means in the acting world.

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