In Transit: Caesar’s Daydream, Matt’s Second Thoughts – Review


Yes or no?

In Transit (1:5) Is Matt (Nicholas Richard) beginning to have second thoughts about marriage? With Stephanie (Emily Burke) and her family wanting him to sign a prenuptial, his trademark easy-going personality is getting dimmer, and he is no longer enthusiastic about planning the wedding. Yvonne (Jorja Brain) and Maya (Maddy Butler) have somehow formed a friendship despite certain “happenings” at the costume party, and Caesar (John Gomez Goodway) suddenly feels attracted to Yvonne again. It’s not looking good relationship-wise for half the group.

As usual, Caesar served as the primary source of humor in the program with his delusions of grandeur. This time, he was caught dancing with himself in the ballroom where Matt and Stephanie’s wedding reception is planning to be held. However, our dear joker can experience serious moments as was shown with warming feelings towards his ex. By refusing his advances, Yvonne is showing she hasn’t gotten over their breakup, but what was it over? Meanwhile, Marcus and Maya are hitting it off well. They look beautiful together, but Marcus’ has many secrets, will it last?

In a constant display of great character development, Caesar is now experiencing some romantic trouble of his own. It’s a shame Matt is going through this after six years of being with his girlfriend, and whether he will cave in or leave has yet to be seen. One thing that is being anticipated in Arj’s (Thulaisi Sivapalan) drug use and how that could affect his relationships. Marcus may prove to be a very dramatic character in the future because of his secrecy.

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In Transit
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Matt encounters more wedding problems. Things take a turn for Marcus and Maya.

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