Marcus Unrequited Romance ‘In Transit’ ep 2 – Review

In Transit, Marcus, Arj and two girls

 Marcus Unrequited!

In Transit (1:2) We get to peek in on the dating rituals of Marcus (Millwood) and Arj (Sivapalan), and Matt and Caesar are in disagreement. Caesar’s frugal wedding floral suggestions for Matt’s (Richard) upcoming big day aren’t going over well. Meanwhile, Marcus seems to have another woman on his mind. Who is the mysterious woman?

More of the characters’ personalities are shown in episode 2, and it must be said that Caesar is the most humorous of the group. He attempts to convince Matt to either ignore the floral arrangements in light of the wedding being hosted at a park, or purchasing fake flowers that can be kept for longer periods of time. In the first episode of In Transit, Caesar quit his job to become a professional actor, but how can he do it by just sitting at home and playing video games swimming in a sea of post-it notes? Matt seems to be the most mature of the group so far–while Arj appears to be not only successful at work but also in his romance pursuits. Curious, who is the woman Marcus seem to be pinning over? It appears that he is trying to burn the candle at both ends.

In Transit‘s situation humor is enjoyable, in particular, any scene where Caesar is involved is keenly enjoyable. All of the main character in the series are dynamic in their performances and as the show progresses, we will get to see more of their intriguing personalities. So far, Marcus has this mysterious personality, and not as many details are known about his personal life other than being an easy going and currently unemployed. However, the unknown woman in the photographs may reveal something more about our playboy freeloader.

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In Transit
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Review Summary:

Matt and Caesar have interesting takes on choosing wedding flowers and Arj and Marcus show their flair at picking up girls, but does Marcus have someone else on his mind?

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