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In Transit, "The Boys"

All’s well that ends well!

In Transit Wrap up! Spoilers! In the last three episodes of the first season of In Transit‘s are particularly revealing about the next direction in the group’s lives. Arj (Thulaisi Sivapalan) is messing around with the boss’ wife; Matt (Nicholas Richard) chats it up with a woman at the unusual art exhibit they were invited to attend, and Caesar seems to have a bit of luck getting an acting job–without compensation. Seemingly worst of all, Marcus (Alex Millwood) just found out he is going to be a baby daddy! Maya (Maddy Butler) just spilled the news that she’s pregnant! Season two can’t get here soon enough!

The final episode’s opening scene is hilarious, and the entire episode has a humorous undertone set in a posh art gallery–with a satirical view of a modern artist, and his bizarre source of inspirations. Season one of In Transit has a fair balance of humor, drama, and some of the most unforgettable moments (mainly supplied by Caesar and his  bad luck with women or employment).

The seasons’ drama is equally impacting. The particular developments going on in Matt and Marcus’ relationships. Will Matt get married? Who was that girl Matt met at the art gallery? Will Marcus leave Maya alone with the pregnancy? Will Caesar ever become gainfully employed? Will Arj’s casual drug use catches up with him?

In Transit would make an awesome half-hour television series! The 8-10 minute episodes are absolutely well produced, features great acting performances, and really likable characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if the series were picked up by a network and aired on television as a half-hour program.

That would be awesome!

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This is it! The guys of "In Transit" are headed in a revealing direction! See you in season 2!

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