Ivan Villefuerte ‘Laika’ – Review

Ivan Villafuerte, Laikia, d_rradio, 2011

A masterful combination of cinematography and sound.

Ivan VillefuerteLaika’ – Ah, here comes the night; here, everything holds still. The temperature drops, and the street lights emit a pale glow to chase away shadows, or to light a lonely traveler’s way through the darkness. Watch as Ivan Villefuerte magnificently pairs stunning cinematography with D_rradio‘s Laika from the Forecast  LP. This visual journey is of the dead of night, a gentle sunrise, sunset, and night once more to escort you to a welcoming nocturnal realm.

The featured music accompanying the video is enigmatic, haunting, and fits well with the somber theme–shades of yellow, misty blues and grayness. Combined, Laika  becomes a total package that hypnotizes your visual and auditory senses, lures you to a intimate world and romances you into a meditative state, allowing for pure reflection in scenery; making those ordinary things that surrounds us in our everyday into significance. From dawn to the night and again to the breaking dawn the clouds attempt to deceive the light yet the dawn prevails and breaks free. Then again, the morn gives way–it is night once more.

The light cannot stay out forever.


Think of it this way: if you are out driving or completing errands there is the tendency to under-appreciate the natural surroundings–your eyes are focused only on the road ahead. Laika captures it all for you just so you can observe the little intricacies you may have missed. What was once ordinary becomes shrouded in an artistically dim atmosphere where massive heaps of gray streaked with colors of the magic hour. The impressive skyline, the mysteries of the Gothic churches, and urban areas that blend into the palette of the sky–as it does above, and below.

The footage could also be interpreted as a battle between night and day; the sun endlessly aspiring to unleash its light upon the world. Its presence can only be detected through the blending of colors within the clouds, and the brief unveilings of its pale yellow glory during sunrise and sunset. However, the day once again births the night, and silence falls. Even so, the streetlights serve as the illumination of the night, an imitation of the sun.


Source – Ivan Villefuerte 

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Ivan Villefuerte pairs stunning cinematography with D_rradio's Laika.

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