Jeremiah Kipp direct’s Aaron David Gleason’s MASTERMIND (2014) – Review


An intoxicating blend of the Avant-garde.

Jeremiah Kipp directs singer-songwriter Aaron David Gleason‘s MASTERMIND (2014) music video. A visually intoxicating blend of the Avant-garde. Gleason’s moody vocals and pulsing hypnotic sound are the perfect accompaniments to Kipp’s directorial genius. Actor’s Chris Sarandon (The Princess Bride, Dog Day Afternoon) and Tony Award Winner Joanna Gleason (James Lapine’s fairy-tale-inspired musical Into the Woods (1991), Boogie Nights) serves as lyrical chaperones for two disconcerted lovers, and whatever their story is, it isn’t the easiest to discern.

The stranger events in the video, where one woman emerge from the ocean, the other gasping for air through a whole in a plastic bag brings an “otherworldly” appeal to the video. The “sleekness” in video production is another creative rendering of Kipps’s professional body of work. It wasn’t that long ago that the short film The Day’s God Slept (2013), a successful IndieGo campaign, garnered critic praise for its atmospheric melancholy and secrets.

Kipp’s directorial success is again featured in Mastermind. An uncanny menagerie about people and relationships.

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MASTERMIND (2014) – Music Video (2014)

Directed by Jeremiah Kipp
Artist: Aaron David Gleason
Starring Bill Weeden, Joanna Gleason, Aaron David Gleason, Chris Sarandon, Alice Ripley, Stacey Bone-Gleason, Ilaria Malvezzi, Chelsea Smith, Dolores McDougal.
Director of Photography: Kenneth Kotowski
Editor: Patrick McGowan

Art and supplementary materials courtesy ©2014 of Jeremiah Kipp. All rights reserved.

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Jeremiah Kipp's directs Aaron Gleason's MASTERMIND (2014) an intoxicating between horror and the Avant-garde.

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