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Jesús Orellana‘s ROSA is an animated sci-fi short film that takes place in the distant future where all of humanity–all natural life is extinct. Rosa, a cyborg from the Kernal project, emerges in a world of mystery and decay. Rosa is the world’s last chance–last hope for renewal; to restore the earth’s ecosystem. Although, she isn’t the only entity to awake. There are other forces that stand between Rosa and her destiny to ensure the survival of the planet–she is also in a fight for her own survival.

ROSA was created entirely on an indie budget by Jesús Orellana, over a period of one year, and premiered at the Seattle Interantions Film Festival, and other festivals successfully around the world. The animated short garnered such widespread attention that it was almost immediately picked up by 20th Century Fox with the intent to make it a live, full feature-length film. This concerns me. Especially if the intended production for the film, solely rests upon ROSA being turned into a ‘live-action’ movie.

It is brilliant that it took only one year for Jesús Orellana to produce ROSA; a graphically brilliant, extremely beautiful, sci-fi animated film–what is much more astounding is this–it took only a month for Hollywood to start calling:

Fox-based Simon Kinberg and his Genre Films banner will produce with Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers of I Am Entertainment, which also reps Orellan. A scribe will be hired to write the script, which will build on the storyline and the characters of the short. Orellana had a roadmap for the feature story as part of his pitch presentation.

This is an astounding accomplishment for an animated indie film project, to almost immediately land agency representation in such a short time. Even though Orellana is seated to direct the live-action version of the film–I am wondering if he, or  if the executives over at 20th Century Fox, took into account the limitless possibilities a “full-length animated” feature would bring to Orellana’s “originally” animated concept project?

Aside of the fact that a FULL LENGTH animated film would be freaking choice–but who would star as “Rosa?” The only actresses that remotely comes to mind is Natalie Portman. Portman, for her role as Queen Amiadala in Lucas’s nostalgically timeless, sci-fi fantasy Star Wars: Ep. 1, and Warner Brothers V For Vendetta (based also on a comic book series), could possibly make her a perfect fit for the lead role. Or Girl With The Dragon Tattoo actress Rooney Mara could also be seen as a good fit as Rosa.

What I am worried about most here, isn’t “who” would fit “what” character role–what stands to be a huge loss here is the graphically detailed, expansive environment that only a CG-animated film would bring. Besides the fact that an animated version of this film would be extremely expensive to finance. I am not convinced that a “live” version of the film would remain in its current artful, and vividly graphic format. You know what would be worse? A live action–3D version of the ROSA film.

That would be tragic.

Enjoy ROSA, an animated short film by Jesús Orellana.

Source: Jesús Orellana’s ‘ROSA‘ website

Jesús Orellana's ROSA
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Review Summary:

ROSA is an epic sci-fi short film that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where all natural life has disappeared.

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