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Bryan Fogel‘s JEWTOPIA (2013) is perhaps the most disappointing, stereotypical romantic comedy and makes for an entirely un-funny feature.  It has its moments, however, not only does the film sensationalize Jewish stereotypes, it “pokes” fun at other religions and cultures, as well. Sure I can go on about the bad writing and blas′e acting performances. However, I will not. The movie is based on–believe it or not— the hit play of the same name and I find it very hard recommending either version.

Christian O’Connell (Ivan Sergei) is from a redneck Christian family who loves hunting, NASCAR and football. Adam Lipschitz (Joel David Moore) is from a Jewish family in the embroidery business. These two men with very different backgrounds became best friends. Their friendship is put on hold when Christian’s family move to another town. In college, he falls in love with a beautiful Jewish woman named Rebecca Ogin (Crystal Reed) who breaks up with him for not being Jewish after he proposes to her. Longing for another relationship with a Jewish woman for the sole purpose of making all of the decisions for him. He reunites with his best friend Adam and Christian pleads for him to teach him how to “be Jewish,” in order to win over the new love of his life Alison (Jennifer Love Hewitt).

Wrong on so many levels, Jewtopia presents a highly unlikable main character who has an unsavory fetish and wants to adhere to artificial stereotypes in order to find a woman that will do everything for him which is another stereotype, this time based on gender. There are also homophobic and transphobic jokes, racist jokes about Latinos, Asians, Black people, and mocking the practice of therapy to treat mental illnesses. It is impossible not to eye roll frequently while taking on the huge endeavor of completing this film.


Jewtopia (2013) comes in a Blu-ray and DVD combo pack. The Blu-ray presentation isc lear and crisp visual quality brings out the beauty of the CGI graphics and sets with the audio being easy to understand.  

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Jewish and gentile unite in a search for love.

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