Jonathan Segal’s “NORMAN” Lands Distributor

NORMAN, dir Jonathan Segal, stars Emily VanCamp, Dan Byrd

Love, humility and a heavy dose of truth.

Jonathan Segal‘s Norman a film starring Dan Byrd (Cougar Town), Emily VanCamp (Revenge), Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan), Richard Jenkins (Jack Reacher), and Billy Lush (The Black Donnellys). Norman is a high-school student with a lot of emotional baggage–he is overly self-conscious, living with an ill parent. In order to cope with his pain and disappointments–he pretends to have cancer. For Norman, it’s just his day to day routine that is until he meets Emily, a girl who likes Norman–and his teacher (Goldberg).

Norman tells the story of Norman Long (Dan Byrd), a self-aware and darkly funny teen who is trying to handle his daily high school existence. An unexpected set of life-changing circumstances turns his world upside down and then ultimately right side up as he meets the magnetic Emily (Emily VanCamp). With love, humility and a heavy dose of truth, he emerges to face challenges not meant for a boy his age.

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The film was produced by Kim Blackburn, Dan Keston, Hawk Koch and Jonathan Segal.  Norman, a previous winner of the Silver Hugo New Directors Competition at the Chicago International Film Festival is slated for a simultaneous DVD and VOD release on May 7, 2013. Freestyle Digital Media, the same company slated to release The Playroom starring John Hawkesin addition to SAMSARA, from Ron Fricke and Mark MagidsonYou May Not Kiss the Bride starring Katharine McPhee and Rob Schneider.

Freestyle Media, launched in November 2011 by CEO Susan Jackson who is Co-President and founder of independent theatrical distributor Freestyle Releasing, LLC. 

Image, trailer and synopsis courtesy of Jonathan Segal’s NORMAN. All rights reserved.

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