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Klown - how to swim

Any man has the right to become the father he is capable of being.

Mikkel Nøgaard‘s KLOWN (Klovn: The Movie)  ) is an inappropriately hilarious Danish comedy that stars both of the films writers Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, featuring two friends who’re intended canoeing “Tour de Pus*y” weekend away from their better half’s. The canoeing portion of it is just a rouse to justify their time away. Except their trip is complicated by Bo (Marcuz Jess Petersen), Frank’s young nephew inadvertently trusted to his care for the weekend. Klown is just one of those unique comedies that I will have to warn you in advance to proceed with extreme caution because a lot of what you see in the film is not only a guaranteed laugh riot; much of the subject matter may be a bit difficult stomach.[easyazon_image align=”right” cloak=”y” height=”500″ identifier=”B009CPK4M8″ locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”http://aidyreviews.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/41pSBon9tML.jpg” tag=”amideyeonhu-20″ width=”333″]

It was during a friends wedding that Frank (Hvam) finds out accidentally that his girlfriend Mia (Mia Lyhne) is pregnant. The news was met with disbelief–Frank tells his friend that if he wanted to be around kids, he’d teach a kindergarten course. Mia did not want Frank in on the news just yet–Frank wasn’t necessarily “father material.” Frank, for being a “mature” adult, Frank lacks worldly experience and understanding. When  his friend Lars (Hjortshøj) offered him some “reefer,” he was unfamiliar with the term. When his lascivious friend Casper, who is teeming with excitement, reminds Frank that they are about to embark on “Tour de Pus*y” weekend, he didn’t plan on having company–well, not an eleven year old anyway. In the meantime, Frank is trying to come to terms that he will soon be a father.

In an effort to prove he has “father potential,” he kidnaps his eleven year old nephew and take him on the canoeing trip with them. All the while Casper busied himself, unsuccessfully, with trying to “hook up” with a couple of high schools girls resulting in an intimate encounter with the male counselor. Only that didn’t go so well. Later, he familiarized himself with several prostitutes at a brothel–but, not Frank. He couldn’t get in because he was too ugly.

Bo spent most of the time sleeping in the tent during all this, and he wasn’t without his own set of problems–he was often teased because he had a small penis and had to sit to pee. Frank, trying to prove that he could indeed care for a child, took it upon himself to teach Bo to pee like a man, and helped to defend him from being bullied about his small stature. The three, after surviving through a series of misadventures, Frank, Casper, and Bo began to bond over the course of the film. They even have the pictures to prove it.

Watching Klown is an unforgettable experience and is shockingly humorous. Frank and Casper, while well-meaning, are extremely immature and prove as some of the wackiest individuals to be introduced to the world of cinema, and brilliantly so. You can either love or hate Klown. Whatever the opinion, this is one film that should not be missed in its original Danish format.

Because believe it or not, a remake is already underway.

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Two friends, Frank and Casper, embark on a canoe trip that thinly veils their true intentions of a weekend of debauchery.

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