Tom Werber’s ‘Losers: Flush’

Dir Tom Werber, Dan Hillier Losers, FLUSH - Riz MC and Envy

Fantastical amazement.

Losers: Flush is an aesthetically pleasing music video that makes use of artwork by Steampunk artist Dan Hillier, Tom Werber directed and animated a visually stunning music video for British rappers Riz MC and Envy featuring cut out animation teeming with monochrome images of Victorian London as its setting. The animated couple is seen expressing their feelings of disgust for each other via a catchy juxtaposition remix of Victorian art and 20th century rap music. If that seems unusual, check out how the animated woman lower body turns into tentacles that are Hillier’s combined fascination for combining animal attributes with human elements, sort of like creating a hybrid human and vice versa.

Soon the couple duke it out in giant monster movie fashion with all of central London being fair game as a battle arena–with bystanders and buildings available as projectiles to the musical beats and flow of Riz MC and Envy lyrics. The revised designs of the Victorian cut outs are a feast for the eyes as the relationship battle rages on. The couple are absolute “monsters” to each other, and it is entertaining to see these 19th century people engaging in a Godzilla vs. Mothra’esq battle. The title of the song, Flush, cleverly woven lyrics to term the end of a relationship–to that of flushing of a toilet.

Werber is a graduate of video and film of the London College of Communication where he developed a great interest in the industry because of the work of filmmakers such as Akira KurosawaIngmar Bergman, and Andrei Tarkovsky. After college, he became an editor, working on several commercials, short films and music videos.

Losers: Flush is conceptually unique and brilliant music video.

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Losers, Flush
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Using the unorthodox altered Victorian artwork of Dan Hillier, director Tom Werber developed a fantastic music video for British rappers Riz MC and Envy entitled Losers: Flush.

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