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Jimbo Lee‘s MAKING THE RULES (2014)  isn’t any different from many romantic films as it follows a simple plot device: shit happens to the hero, or heroine in this story, when Abby (Jamie Pressly) becomes dissatisfied and bored with her husband when out of the blue, sexy ex (Robin Thicke) resurfaces to rekindle a relationship that didn’t work the first time around. While the story is easy enough to comprehend, you cannot throw two famous and attractive people together and expect there to be enough believable chemistry onscreen, which is the unfortunate case for the two main romantics in this film.MAKING THE RULES 2014 DVD

Abby (Pressly) is forced to leave her job as head chef at a local restaurant due to losing a few digits at work. With nothing to do besides sit at home and tired at looking at her husband Matt (Tygh Runyan), Abby eventually becomes reacquainted with her ex-boyfriend Shaun (Thicke), who lays down some serious game teeming with sexy smiles and concerns for Abby’s happiness. Now I ask myself, what went wrong in the relationship the first time around? Shaun is a nice enough guy and seems sincere in his quest to get Abby back, however, what is so terrible about her husband, Matt, to make her even consider going back with a former ex?

Thicke tries so hard to be a multi­tasking relationship expert expressing his knowledge about world cuisines and get this, tips on hairdressing. He comes across as a pretentious wannabe. Abby’s husband doesn’t seem like a bad guy at all and always on the mellow side of things. What’s more, is that not one character in this damn movie is brave enough to force the script and go emotionally above and beyond to make viewers “feel” or give a shit. No. They all are “just there” performing, moving the events along and trying hard to be unpredictable. In the end, a happy ending.

Man, wish I would have seen that one coming.

MAKING THE RULES (2014) DVD  comes with a Digital Ultraviolet code for streaming.

Jimbo Lee’s interview is thirteen minutes and is longer than what is perhaps necessary. He discusses the plot, his inspiration for the movie, which is a reflection from his personal life, and character personalities featured also in the film. Widescreen Presentation. English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio with optional English and Spanish Subtitles.

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The heat rises after a former chef faces daily boredom with her husband and the temptation of an ex-boyfriend.

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