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Hacker - Malorie Blackman

When Vicky’s father is arrested on a charge of stealing over a million pounds from the bank where he works, she is determined to prove his innocence. Helped by her brother and his best friend, Vicky decides to try to find the real thief by hacking into the bank’s computer system.

Hacker – Let me first off start this book review with a lot of gushing. Malorie Blackman is, and probably always will be, one of my favorite authors of all time. There seems to be nothing that she cannot write and always does it with brilliant efficiency, and Hacker is no exception. If I had read this book when I was younger, I believe that my three stars would definitely have been closer to four, or even five stars because this book caters to the younger audiences extremely well. Her writing style flows easily and allows the plot to be simple yet complicated all at the same time.

At only 200 pages, this book is definitely worth picking up if you want a few hours to just chill for a little while. It’s entertaining, gripping and really allows you to switch your mind off and focus on the story in your hands. As per usual, Blackman has created a realistic world with realistic characters that you can imagine extremely well, and the emotions that are dealt with were just so perfect. I felt like a thirteen year old all again, feeling like the world was on top of my shoulders while I garbled with emotions that I couldn’t quite understand. I will not be embarrassed to admit that Malorie Blackman bought me to tears in this book a few times, which simply shows how talented she is.

Malorie Blackman's HACKER

Victoria is a well-thought out character who has a true voice in this book. You can feel the emotional and physical journey that she goes on, and her POV seems spot on with how other thirteen year olds would think, feel and act. It is for this brilliant characterisation that I give Blackman my props. I also felt that the other characters in this novel felt true enough, and they really interacted extremely well. It is, by far, her unique talent at writing characters so well that I love her so much. She truly gets people and understands how they act, no matter their age.

Blackman’s Hacker creates a nostalgic view of 1993.

The plot is fun, gripping and completely nostalgic. This book was written in 1993, and it was about characters a lot younger than I am today. It reminded me of books that I used to read when I was thirteen, and I knew instantly that this would’ve been a book that I would have loved, so I’m a little sad that it took me so long to read it! It was also nostalgic in its technology. There was never any mention of WiFi, and the idea of mobile phones was nonexistent, but I feel that this “dinosaur” age of the book really added to the story. It simply wouldn’t have been as exciting or action-packed if the characters could have just pulled out their mobile phones and called or text someone to help.

Overall, Hacker was fun and quick to read. It was enjoyable and truly took me on a journey. It was descriptive, emotional and character driven. There was action, crime, mystery and drama, and it all flowed extremely well. It was one that had me in tears at one moment and in giggles the next, while also covering a rather sombre and interesting message at the same time. It is the perfect Middle Grade fiction book for teens who are looking for something fun and interesting, and nostalgic, or well, it would probably be seen as “alien” to some teens today! It is definitely one that I would recommend to people my age as well, however, because who doesn’t love to read a book that takes us right back to our teenage years? It is simply an enjoyable read.

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In Hacker, Vicky's father is arrested on a charge of stealing over a million pounds from the bank where he works, she is determined to prove his innocence.

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