Storyteller: MARDI GRAS, 2010

'Mardi Gras 2010'

I woke up later than usual that day. The parades already began. It said so on the TV. Mardi Gras, 2010. Yet another year I spent the holiday indoors. I think I will continue to do just that from now on. Attend every parade via the public access channel or the local news station.  I would still have all the excitement of the Mardi Gras–with none of the hassle. I don’t have to worry about being surrounded by strange people. No more sore and achy feet. I don’t have to worry about being stepped on over and over again–just to be elbowed over beads.

My toes will be safe in my fuzzy slippers.  No need to witness holiday binge drinkers’ stupidity and vomit. Then I remember my phone began to ring. I did not answer it because I already knew who it was.  You know, that bothered me. I should learn to say no to going out in the first place.  Why is that so hard–just say no. I remember opening the window while letting the phone ring because I knew what the conversation would have been about. And how it would have ended.  I did not have time to hear an enduring lecture about why I should go out and why I shouldn’t stay in the mess of my apartment.

I opened a window.

What mess? Everything was where it should have been.

I remember watching King Rex on TV. Then King Zulu–both toast the Mayor and making the Mardi Gras official.

And the phone:  ring…ring…ring.

I remember going to make something to drink, something hot–mixed with Kahlua. It was cold in there. I thought it’d be warmer since the sun was out. I still needed a snuggie. I think I closed the window a bit, but not too much…I still wanted to feel as though I was part of the action so I opened the window just a crack.

Just enough to feel a little air and hear the people and the bands–which was much better than being in the big air–out there.

‘Mardi Gras 2010’ is pt 3 of the “Still Sitting” series regarding my Mardi Gras experience in New Orleans.

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