Mark Bramley, ‘Lost in Tokyo’ – Review

Mark Bramley, LOST IN TOKYO, all rights reserved

See you in Toyko!

Photographer Mark Bramley took 10-thousand photos, along with video footage in a period of just two days. The collage were put together in time lapse format to give the world a glimpse into life inside one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities–accompanied by music from GMZ, a dj, producer and audio hacker based in Torino, Italy. The featured track is notably titled Parametaphoriquement.

Parametaphoriquement is a fitting track for a bustling city; it’s hurried but smooth. It has a techy sound, perfect for a city like Tokyo; however it is not overwhelming on the senses. To put it this way–the track would be best accompanied by a late night drive through a brightly lit metropolitan area, or riding on a train heading home from a night of partying. A fine way to end a night.

The music, while satisfying, isn’t the main indulgence here; instead it is the video itself. The colors are bright and streaming, providing the viewer with an almost personal guided tour of Tokyo from multiple angles. What is impressive about the footage was that it was all shot on a single handheld camera. Towering skyscrapers, cars bustling downtown in a surprisingly clean environment, and the most efficient train system in the world are some of the things the audience can experience.


LOST IN TOKYO, Mark Bramley, all rights reserved

Also, present in the film are citizens of Tokyo themselves, and it is possible to put a story to every face. Such as the fashionista standing at an intersection applying lip gloss, or the woman sitting on the sidewalk hanging her head in what seems to be a handkerchief. The first woman could be heading to a club or a late dinner with her friends, while the other might be mourning the death of a love one or dismal about a recent break-up. Hoards of people rushing to the trains to either head home or out for fun for the evening. Everyone is mixed together, revealing all sorts of people who inhabit the city.

The solemn transportation workers do not crack a smile for the camera–they have work to do. They are partly responsible for running an entire system many rely on in Tokyo every day, and it is evident the workers are well aware of this. If they are not efficient, the city will halt.

Lost in Tokyo is a beautiful work of art, a video amazement that strays away from the concrete jungle stereotype. The short may even encourage you to visit Tokyo.

Lost in Tokyo from Mark Bramley on Vimeo.

Lost in Tokyo
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Photographer Mark Bramley took 10-thousand photos, along with video footage in a period of just two days of the city of Tokyo.

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