Wayfare To Adapt Matt Westrup’s ‘The Gate’ Into Feature Length Film

Matt Westrup THE GATE, 2011 - all rights reserved

Something‘s watching.

Wayfare Entertainment, Matt Westrup (June 13, 2012) – The Gate (2011) – Quite possibly the most exciting news to come out of entertainment all week! Deadline announced that Wayfare Entertainment, the same production company who brought us the 3-D action-thriller Sanctum (Executive Producer James Cameron), will bring us into a potentially mind-blowing, full-feature, sci-fi film experience–The Gate. Westrup is set to direct, and Wayfare Entertainment will financially back and produce the feature-length film: 

“Friend will produce with Wayfare’s Browning and Sarah Shepard. They will soon hire a screenwriter to expand the film to feature length.” Deadline

The Gate is an impressive short film written and directed by Matt Westrup about the human genome modification. What happened is this: in modern society, people are placed under ever increasing pressure to out live, outperform, and outdo the competition. Human beings began to overuse performance enhancers or “cognitive performance-enhancing products,” created by the pharmaceutical companies. This caused genetic mutations in the populace.

Now what makes this short-film absolutely terrifying is that it verges significantly into reality. Just think–how many of us may have taken a pill, or purchased one of those energy drinks that are available in overabundant numbers? Worse yet, purchased some enhancement product from an online pharmacy with no guarantee that what you are buying is a legitimate product. Yeah? See what I mean? Better think twice before popping a pill or drinking that can of energy drink.

You may end up looking like this guy right here.

Wayfare Entertainment, THE GATE, 2011

“Our plan for The Gate was to always expand and build upon the world that I conceived for the 11 minute short,” Westrup said. “Wayfare Entertainment shares our vision in taking those themes and ideas, and adapting them into a sci-fi thriller that is driven by a grounded, sophisticated plot and intriguing character arcs.” Deadline

It is a good thing Westrup will take his concept project and develop it beyond the 8-minute short and fully expand on his original  idea for filming a feature film. I was beginning to worry that Wayfare would be overshadowed with complacent themes and quick-to-screen sc-ifi junk-food cinema we have been burdened with recently (i.e. Battleship 2012). No worries now, with Westrup and his team at the helm, all we have to do now is relax and wait for the awesome.

‘95% of the human genome is composed of redundant gene sequences. They appear to have no known biological function. Could a chance event reactivate them? Genetic freaks wander the streets courtesy of irresponsible pharmaceutical companies. Yes, this is a banger. The Gate

THE GATE (CUTDOWN VERSION) from Joyrider Films on Vimeo.
Source – Deadline, Joyrider Films

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