Metric ‘Collect Call’ Animated by Christopher Mills

Metric, Collect Call

Metric “Collect Call” turned short-film directed by Christopher Mills (InterpolModest Mouse, The Secret Machines) is from the group’s 2009 album Fantasies. The film brings us into a surreal world with paper-cut animated characters, attending a funeral of a young woman. The short-film is brilliantly artsy, and the voice of Metric, serves  enchanted beckoning into the dark fantasy with lullabies of sentimental lyrics, and visually appealing graphics pull you into a dark fantasy world. Admire the intricate details of the scratchy record playing in during the intro and on through the film. The  paper doll cut-out sets a timeless appeal and is remarkably different from what I have seen or heard of before.

Frontwoman Emily Haines, James Shaw, guitar, Josh Winstead thundering bass and Joules Scott-Key‘s rapid disco beats make up the Metric band. I enjoyed watching and listening to the video so much that I went out and purchased the Fantasies CD.  The music and sound of the album in its entirety is poetic, exciting and memorable.  Clearly, Fantasies has become my favorite CD in a long time.

Metric 'Fantasies' Album

‘We’re so close to something better left unknown’–Metric “Gimmie Sympathy”

Metric 'Collect Call'
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Metric "Collect Call" animated short-film directed by Christopher Mills is from the group's 2009 album Fantasies

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