Storyteller: MINDY’S FOLLY

 All rights reserved by Thomas Hawk

Mindy’s Folly

Word bank: smile, false teeth, tax, tower, stiletto

“If only I didn’t need the money–I wouldn’t have this job.”  It was her last night at work before she went on two-week vacation. She wanted to treat her mother to a weekend in Las Vegas where she would spend all her free time trying to win big at the penny slots.

Mindy thought to herself as she served another round of tequila and lime. It was just her luck that she wound up with an 8-top just before her shift ended at the restaurant. Everyone was getting drunk at the table except for this one guy who was obviously the designated driver. He asked for a ginger ale with lime every time the group would order a round of tequilas.

“Makes me feel as though I am part of this group.” He’d say with a wink.

It was almost 10:30 pm, and the restaurant closed over an hour and a half ago. Mindy’s boss was there to make sure he made every dime from the table. Usually, big drinkers were high-rollers and “big tippers,” he told her, and she could care less.

“If only I didn’t need the money” she would keep telling herself constantly keeping an eye on the clock.
“I’d better be getting overtime,” she told her boss as she cut the last remaining limes in the bar. He didn’t hear her. He’d just smile and count the crisp $20 dollar bills the table kept stacking up.

“Hello?” Mindy tapped his shoulder, and when she had his attention she motioned to the wall clock and mouthed,

“Yeah, yeah.” he said.

He motioned her away, busy counting last shift’s till and mouthing, “I got your overtime alright.”

When the 8-top ordered their final round, they offered Mindy to have the last toast with them. She didn’t drink so just like the only sober patron at the table she had a shot of ginger ale, with lime. The bill for the table came out to be $837 dollars plus tax, and with 15% gratuity, her take was $125.55, not counting the $200 dollar tip left under a half beer glass with a set of false teeth anchored in the bottom. Mindy was already 5’7″ without the heels–she really didn’t need the additional height. She was all too happy to remove a pair of her friend’s six-inch stiletto heels that made her tower over every one of her co-workers.

With the table top cleared, she tipped her bus boy and bartender. After a long day on her feet, Mindy happily headed home.

 ‘Cocktail Lounge’ image by Thomas Hawk. All rights reserved. 

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