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John Lundberg, Roland Denning, and Kypros Kyprianou’s feature-length documentary MIRAGE MEN delves deep into the  UFO phenomenon and UFO counterintelligence. UFOlogy is an interesting topic that has for many years, fascinated millions of people around the world. Perhaps beginning 1947 with the Roswell Incident, UFO conspiracy theories and cover-ups have been a long-standing paradox that of UFO theory. The MIRAGE MEN documentary reveals a primary source behind the misinformation about UFOs that circulate today’s media. A former agent of the United States Air Force, Richard Doty combs through and translate mounds of information otherwise impossible to differentiate, so that audiences can decide for themselves their own opinion to the documentary’s astounding evidence.MIRAGE MEN 2013

For over 60 years, various members of the US Intelligence agency–including the United States Air Force, have used UFOs as a vehicle to conceal secret projects and advance technologies in development by the military. Many high profile scientists–UFOlogists–such as Linda Moulton Howe, Paul Bennewitz, and William Moore believe that some of the “hoax” stories perpetuated in the media  intend to deter them from important investigations. Howe, Doty and many other retired officials and ufologists share their stories and experiences in the documentary about this perplexing trail of mystery.

Believers in UFOs and extraterrestrials will be wide eyed that much of the information learned over the years are discussed as being misinformation to fool possible infiltrators from discovering hidden technology and operations. Other details into the cover up raises some interesting questions into just how much of the UFO information discussed in the MIRAGE MEN documentary is either unequivocal fact–or sensationalized fiction.

Misinformation has taken on a life of its own and so much of it has left many wondering for decades. The story of Paul Bennewitz is a difficult one and demonstrates just how seriously some have taken their beliefs to heart. MIRAGE MEN is an exhilarating and informative ride that encourages viewers to question everything. Is there  life on other planets? The correct answer to this question is still unknown, however, there is the belief that there is something going on in the skies above us, and in the universe beyond our world.

Highly recommended. 

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MIRAGE MEN delves deep into the UFO phenomenon and UFO counterintelligence.

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