MOON FAIRY (2009) Review

Rezwan Shahriar Sumit, MOON FAIRY, 2009 - MUBI

Your toenails are lovely.

MOON FAIRY (2009) is creator Rezwan Shahriar Sumit’s peculiar things aren’t always as they seem short-film. Such is the case in the Bangladeshi animated short Moon Fairy. What appeared to be a promising, enchanting experience in the first few minutes quickly morphed into a puzzling chain of events known to occur only by one person–a young boy named Peter. Quirky children’s stories can be good, but only if the plot is sensible. However, Moon Fairy is not one of these examples.

The first half of the presentation is a mixture of the cut-out (familiar to that of Lawrence Jordan) and traditional hand-drawn animation retrospect of a children’s book from an older period. The second half features the use of a live person implemented in the form of the moon fairy; a girl who misses home and needs a friend to assist her in reclaiming her wings. 3D seems to have been used to give her clothing a stardust print. Sounds charming–it could have been, had the plot been strung together more systematically.

Director Rezwan Shahriar Sumit made an absolutely interesting children’s short of a collective of stories from other children’s tale to cover all the bases for his tale–bats, witches, moon fairies, and spaceships, oh my! I wonder if Promp’s universe rests on an interdimensional plane, that would be a good explanation for all the curious events in the film. Aside from the oddities contained in the film’s subplot which involved a curious affliction for painted toenails, the script overall suffered from a sufficient dialogue. The film’s narrator voice can be compared to Marge Simpson‘s chain-smoking sisters. Not the kind of voice I would like to hear during story time.

What is certain, Moon Fairy is sure to be a unique, but memorable viewing experience. This would have been a fantastic short to feature on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Now that would be awesome.

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A moon fairy can grow wings only if someone truly praises her. On a spooky Promptville night, it is hard to find someone with the civility of that kind. –IMDb

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