MOON MAN (Der Mondmann) (2014) – Review

MOON MAN (2014)

The Man on the Moon is bored.

Stephan Schesch‘s MOON MAN (Der Mondmann) (2014) film based on the 1967 children’s book by the award-winning author and illustrator Tomi Ungerer. The film first premiered at the Annecy International Film Festival and won the hearts of children and adults alike. In the film, the man on the moon becomes bored up there looking down on all the people of Earth. One night he grabs hold of the tail of a comet and rides it down into Earth. At the same time, the President of Everywhere on Earth brags that he has all but conquered the universe. For now, he has his eyes set on being the owner of the moon.MOON MAN (2014)

Herein lies a problem. With the Moon Man here on Earth–the children of the world cannot fall asleep. Meanwhile, the moon man enjoys exploring the flowers, trees, and animals of the forest. He even dives into a reflection of the moon on a river and just like a leaf he slowly drifts along the stream while Louis Armstrong‘s version of the song “Moon River” auditorily cascaded the scenery. He floats down a river while alert in childlike wonder and naivete he soon finds himself at the home of a lonely inventor. The inventor, Bunsen van der Dunkel, and the Moon Man quickly become friends.  However, their friendship is in danger. The Moon Man, captured by the President of Everywhere and imprisoned. Will the mysterious Man in the Moon find his way home in time?

The film is an animated feast for the eyes, and a tad adult-themed for younger viewers. At times,  the film and visuals appear in basic black and white during some scenes, and there are overall “unfinished” and shaky visuals. However, the film is a curiously animated juxtaposition of lines, curves, and colors. However, this does not take away from the engaging tale of the Moon Man and his awkward adventures he must succeed to find his way home.

Overall, Stephan Schesch’s MOON MAN (2014) film is the award-winning author Tomi Ungerer‘s world come to life and has a poignant and inspiring message revealed in the end.


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Review Summary:

The man on the moon is bored. One day, he hitches a ride to Earth on the tails of a passing comet.

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