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A short film I reviewed a while ago, Opsin by Ivan Villafuerte, featured the intimate Chicago night life, and auditorily narrated by the d_rradio tracks Still in a storm and Death of the Fair Green Veil. I was torn in deciding between enjoying the fantastic cinematography, and enjoying the music, more. Since I already enjoyed the brilliance of Ivan Villafuerte’s visuals–I decided to find out what I could find out about this sound experience that is totally new to me.

or D. R. Radio (which is short for Death Row Radio), is an indie – sophisticated collective of individuals geared at creating beautiful, entrancing, and atmospheric sounds that not only adjusts your mood, but places you in the right focus. The Parts Cd features 19 tracks; composed of short, listenable, and serene elements. The complete listening experience is about 40 minutes; and at times, with a couple of the songs being very short in duration, it was disappointing to “hear” them end. This is especially true with the track Death of the Fair Green Veil an amuse bouche at just 29 seconds–with the longest track, Midnight on a Moonless Night playing for a little over 3 minutes. So what you have here, thematically, is; that the Cd is comprised of smaller and greater “parts” that which makes it whole.

Now what you do not get, is a miscellaneous blend of incoherent, spurts of tunes, tones, or rhythms. Each track features an emotive evolution of carefully calculated–intelligence. For those of whom have never experienced the music of d_rradio, as I have initially, you may have the expectation of wanting to hear more, or wishing that there was more content contained on the Cd. But just as I have done, you must sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience–and if you are in the “right mood,” well, you will certainly enjoy your time much more than just simply being. If that makes any sense. Parts just has just that right amount of sweet melancholy sadness that I adore.

I don’t want to make the mistake of making you think that this Cd is just “mood music.” It’s beyond that. If you can just take your time to immerse yourself and absorb Parts, as a whole, you will get out of it an evolution of sound–it breaks the complacency of the mode of music you may possibly be used to listening to. Parts is reminiscent of the soulful and reflective sounds of  Enigma (Michael Cretu), however, each are not one in the same. Enigma and d_rradio musical methods are representative of their true intentions in their music–an enjoyable, pleasurable, and enlightening experience, leaving you much better off for having listened.

I have spoken to a couple of the people I know about d_rradio and the Parts Cd, and they believe that it is ‘endearing’ to listen to.

I will have to wholeheartedly agree.

Parts by d_rradio features 19 organic melodies:

  • Fading Stars (1:40)
  • Better left Alone (1:50)
  • Midnight on a moonless night (3:25)
  • Still in a Storm (2:47)
  • Through broken Rushes (1:22)
  • Drawing in the Dark (:59)
  • Fading Stars II (1:35)
  • Parts (1:55)
  • Death of the fair Green Veil (:34)
  • See for the last time (:53)
  • Easy to fall (:26)
  • Ruins of a wall of sound (2:51)
  • End of a Wildlife (1:04)
  • Up by the Roots (3:06)
  • Under the Lake Bed (1:38)
  • The Immense quiet of the Dark Blue (3:08)
  • The Right Way To Lie (1:23)
  • Rain On The Rocks (2:23)
  • Returns (2:03)


  • July 2003 – ‘Dust And Guitars’ (7″ on Static Caravan)
  • Aug 2003 – ‘Some Other Time’ (Split 7” w/ The Marcia Blaine School For Girls on Awkward Silence)
  • Oct 2003 – ‘Perfect For The Fall/Ice On The Path’ (Lathe-Cut 7” on Static Caravan)
  • Aug 2004 – ‘U_nderscore’ (CD Album on Static Caravan)
  • Feb 2006 – ‘Born/Come To Light’ (First 7” in a series of three on Distraction)
  • May 2006 – ‘Dear John/Pick Me Up’ (Second 7” in a series of three on Distraction)
  • Sept 2006 – ‘Out Of Love/You Hold My Breath’ (Third 7” in a series of three on Distraction)
  • April 2007 – ‘Van 120’ (Download Only Compilation of earlier singles and unreleased tracks on Static Caravan)
  • March 2008 – ‘d_rradio’ (CD Album on Distraction)
  • April 2008 – ‘Blow Out (feat. Ylid)’ (Lathe-Cut 7” on Static Caravan)
  • Sept 2008 – ‘Nothing Like Home’ (From the 2xCD Compilation Album, ‘The Silence Was Warm – Vol 2’ on Symbolic Interaction)
  • Oct 2008 – ‘d_rradio Remixed’ (CD Album on Distraction)
  • May 2009 – ‘Leaves’ (2xCD Album on Symbolic Interaction)
  • April 2010 – ‘Making Spaces’ (Collaboration with Lianne Hall, CD Album on Sentence Records)
  • August 2010 – ‘Parts’ (CD/LP/AC Album on Distraction)
  • Nov 2010 – ‘Seasons’ EP (3″ CDr EP on Rural Colours)


  • June 2005 – ‘Got To Get The Nerve’ by Field Music (Free Download)
  • April 2006 – ‘Oh Lord, Please Give Me Another Brain’ by Matthew Rozeik (Released on the download EP ‘Oh Lord Please Give Me Another Brain, Reinterpreted’ on Highpoint Lowlife)
  • Aug 2006 – ‘I’ll Never Be Afraid Again’ by The Matinée Orchestra (Free Download)
  • Oct 2006 – ‘Sarah Carbone’ by Depth Affect (Released on the Download EP ‘John Cassettes’ on Autres Directions In Music)
  • May 2008 – ‘Flares pt2’ by Port-Royal (Released on the CD Album ‘Flared Up’ on Resonant
  • Oct 2008 – ‘I Don’t Know Why’ by Televise (Released on the CD Album ‘From Anywhere To Anyone Remixes’ on Kesh)
  • Dec 2008 – ‘Choose To Escape’ by Vic Mars (Released on the CD Album ‘Kanransha’ on Symbolic Interaction)
  • March 2009 – ‘The Great Brick Mosque & I’ by Soft Speaker (Released on the CD version of the ‘Conditions’ EP)
  • April 2010 – ‘You Do Something’ by The 1,2,3,4’s (Digital Download)
  • July 2010 – ‘Man Overboard’ by Populous (Released on the CD album ‘Remixed In Basic’ on Disasters By Choice)
  • Jan 2011 – ‘The Sandwich Man Seeks For Who He Is’ by Hopeless Local Marching Band (Released on the CD Album ‘Repeating Myself’ on Symbolic Interaction

Discography credit: d_rradio

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