Nate Golon’s ‘My Synthesized Life’ Promo


Synthesized comedy! 

Writer/director/executive producer Nate Golon (Briefcase, Workshop) is back with a brand new project. There are many movies and television shows featuring main characters who gain abilities through strange accidents, and My Synthesized Life is a web series about a young man who, after an accident involving electrocution by a radio during a rap song airing, discovers his voice becomes naturally synthesized when he experiences nervousness. In the promotional video below, Golon goes into some detail about the new web series with the help of Switched at Birth star Katie Leclerc.

Synopsis: Jimmy Bales (Brent Bailey), a 25 year old average office worker, narrowly survives a near car crash, gets electrocuted, and blacks out. From that moment on, whenever he gets nervous, his voice naturally synthesizes. He life is thrown into turmoil, but through the help of his outgoing roommate Steve, and Steve’s younger sister Liz, Jimmy discovers the benefits of his “synthesized life.”

Leclerc will play the role of Amanda in My Synthesized Life, and for the moment I am not too sure on the character role she will have in the series. Leclerc has a massive fan base of deaf and non-deaf fans who are also fans from the ABC series Switched at Birth. In the series, Leclerc plays a deaf teenager, Daphne Vasquez, who find out that she was taken by the wrong family. Is this a hint into her Synthesized character role as translator for Jimmy after his accident? Would this potential relationship evolve into something more? Nate Golon will star in a supporting role as “Alan Primrose,” the bad guy in Jimmy’s office. Bailey’s “Jimmy” is an interesting character, and it will also be interesting to see just how Jimmy’s accident will shape his synthesized dialogue.

Jimmy Bales has an ex-girlfriend he can’t get over and a job where he’s not respected. But after a freak accident, his outgoing roommate Steve and Steve’s beautiful sister Liz are going to help him discover the power that comes from a synthesized life.

The chemistry between Golon and Leclerc is visibly positive and gives hints that the show is guaranteed to entertain. Nate’s latest production My Synthesized Life is bound to be awesome! I am looking forward to the spring! Don’t forget to follow My Synthesized Life on FACEBOOK  and TWITTER  for updates.

Premieres Spring 2013

Also starring in Golon’s My Synthesized Life Brent Bailey, Jonathan Schwartz, Katie Gill, and Katie Seeley. Guest starring Katie Leclerc, Barrett Foa, Natalie Dreyfuss, Stacey Oristano, Marissa Winokur, Marie Wilson, Sean Hemeon, and Nicolas Coster.

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