David Fabelo’s ‘Do Over’ – Review

DO OVER, David Fabelo

 He just has to get that moment right.

Austin, TX based filmmaker David Fabelo‘s Do Over is an entertaining romantic short film about Adam (Garrett Jester), an extremely nervous teen, eager to make a good first impression on Sarah (Jacobi Alvarez), his date. Adam, before knocking on the door, is heard rehearsing his lines, trying to remember what it is he needs to say, and not forgetting to compliment Sarah’s shoes. If only greetings were that easy. Even though, Adam succeeded with the first part of his introduction, he finds out that Sarah is allergic to sunflowers. Adam believes that he is in need of a ‘do over.’ Rather…a few of them.

Fabelo’s “Adam” character personifies the term perfectly; even an adorable little puppy gets involved near the end. There is a lot of smart camera play during the film, where the perspective changes from the confused reaction from Sarah, to Adam’s own series of awkward first impressions. The character choices were keenly paired, and the dialogue and interplay between the two are convincing.

This isn’t Fabelo’s first time behind the camera. He is a successful editor of indie features out of Austin (Fourplay, Dance with the One, The Overbrook Brothers and I’ll Come Running), and director of the film Test Day. The most impressive aspect of the Do Over film is the crisp, clean cinematography, considering the time of day the film was shot. In addition to the fantastic camera angles that place the viewer front and center of  the action that is going on both sides of the door.

 Please enjoy David Fabelo’s Do Over short film.

Director: David Fabelo
Writers: David Fabelo & Taylor Allen
Producer: Andrew Logan
Starring: Garrett Jester, Jacobi Alvarez, Brett Shaw
Facebook: Do Over’ Film

Premiered at the 8th Annual Dam Short Film Festival. Won for Best Comedy at the Iowa Film Festival; Won REEL 13 online short film contest; and Won Chris Caddel Filmmaker Award at the Flatland Film Festival.

Image and video source courtesy of David FabeloAll rights reserved.

Do Over
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Review Summary:

A romantic comedy about making the perfect first impression on the tenth try.

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