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Every great collector has a vision.

Marcus Dunstan’s The Collection (2012) film has its roots in a gentler time, in cinematic history, specifically in the 1967 Terence Young directed Wait Until Dark that starred Alan Arkin and Audrey Hepburn. In the film, Hepburn plays a blind woman who is terrorized by thugs who were in search of a heroin-stuff doll they believe is in her apartment. From that, Dunstan and writing partner Patrick Melton used the basic elements of the Wait Until Dark story to create the ’09 hit horror film The Collector.  In homage to Wait Until Dark, the writers named their male lead character Josh Stewart (The Dark Knight Rises, The Collector), reprises the role of “Arkin,” after Alan Arkin; and their female lead Emma Fitzpatrick (The Social Network) as “Elena.” Just as Hepburn’s blind character, Elena will have a physical impairment: she’s hearing impaired.

Synopsis: When Elena (Fitzpatrick) is talked into attending an underground warehouse party with her friends, she finds herself caught in a nightmarish trap where the revelers are mowed, sliced and crushed to death by a macabre series of contraptions operated by a masked psychopath. When the grisly massacre is over, Elena is the only survivor. But before she can escape, she is locked in a trunk and transported to an unknown location.

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Fortunately for Elena, one man—Arkin (Stewart)—knows exactly where she’s headed, having just escaped from there with his life and sanity barely intact. Going back is the last thing on Arkin’s mind, but Elena’s wealthy father (McDonald) hires a crack team of mercenaries to force Arkin to lead them to the killer’s lair. But even these hardened warriors are not prepared for what they encounter: an abandoned hotel-turned-torture-chamber, rigged with deadly traps and filled with mangled corpses.  Can Arkin and the team get to Elena before she too becomes part of his gruesome “collection?”

The film immediately begins the action–and bloodletting–from the very start of the film. “We wanted to trick the viewers into thinking it was another horror movie about hot-bodied teens making stupid decisions and getting themselves into bad situations,” says Melton. “You don’t need a lot of time to set up those archetypes.”

Horror fans look forward to loads of blood and gore. Expect co-writers Dunstan and Melton (SAW IV, V, and VII) to bring you into their dark and twisted world–frighteningly.

The Collection In theaters November 30, 2012

The Collection official movie trailer, images, and synopsis courtesy LD Entertainment.

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