NEW TRAILER: Matthew Johnson, Evan Morgan ‘The Dirties’

THE DIRTIES The film takes a unique look at the impact of bullying in today's schools.


Matthew Johnson directed and co-wrote with Evan Morgan a film that takes a unique look at the very real impact of bullying in today’s schools–with a twist. Matt (Johnson) and Owen (Williams) decide to make a movie on the impact of bullying in their high school. As a result, the bullying gets worse. Eventually, one of them decide that when it comes to bullying, enough is enough. The Dirties just may be one of the most “eye-opening” films to compete at Slamdance.

Synopsis: Matt and Owen are best friends who live in a world of endless movie references and hijinks. It would be perfect, if not for the cruel bullies at their high school who make their lives hell. While working on a movie for class, the lines between fiction and reality blur together in this horrifying look at high school bullying.

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Director: Matthew Johnson
Starring: Matthew Johnson, Owen Williams
Screenplay: Matthew Johnson, Evan Morgan
Official site: The Dirties Movie
Facebook: The Dirties Film 


  • Saturday, January 19th at 0:30 p.m. – Main Screening Room – (Treasure Mountain Inn – 255 Main Street)
  • Thursday, January 24th at 3:30 p.m. – Main Screening Room – (Treasure Mountain Inn – 255 Main Street)

Images and synopsis courtesy of Matthew Johnson, Evan Morgan The Dirties. All rights reserved.

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