Beautiful and universal just as any tale about love, should be.

NOORDZEE TEXAS (2011) is a film written and directed by Bavo Defurne and is a delicate and coming of age tale that tackles an age-old story about love set in a Belgian town sometime around the 1970s.  Pim (Jelle Floorizone) is a lonely and introverted son of a neglectful mother and former beauty queen Yvette (Eva van der Gucht)–who spends more time in the local bar than being a maternal figure in Pim’s life. Luckily, Pim spends most of his time at the home of Marcella (Katelijne Damen) a single mother of young Gino and Sabrina.

While Pim begins to admire shyly Gino (Mathias Vergels), Gino’s sister Sabrina (Nina Marie Kortekaas) innocently long for Pim. Unfortunately for Sabrina, her unrequited admirations sever the instant Gino returns his affections for Pim.  The two enter in a secretive relationship where their trips to the woods evolve into an evocative reverie of adolescent sexuality that are both natural and intoxicating.

However, the problem that does occur too often and that is when Gino is no longer part of some of the scenes in the film. The moments that magnetize the palpable tension between Pim and Gino completely dissolves when a sequence is dependent upon Pim’s introverted character. Perhaps it was the intention of the director to demonstrate that these two belong together. The secret bond between these two is inseparable–when Gino “experiments” with a French girl Pim’s heartbreaking response is both realistic and emotionally heart-wrenching to watch.

The remainder of the film teems with poetic visuals of the small town, its greenery, and coastal areas. The visuals and the chemistry between the two primary characters are authentically poignant. Overall, the underlying theme can easily transcend as a coming of age narrative about love.


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A teenage boy's search for love finds him fixated on a boy who lives nearby.

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