NOSFERATU TANGO (2002) – Review

nosferatu tango, Zoltan Horvath, MUBI

An unusual love affair.

NOSFERATU TANGO (2002) is an animated film from Zoltán Horváth that depicts an unusual romance between a vampire, and a mosquito. Not an impossible romance considering that they both have something in common: they are both bloodsuckers. The short is narrated in a blend of European languages, and it would have been nice if would have been captioned in English; however, cut-out animations and watercolor backdrop carry the tale exceptionally well. The mosquito spies Dracula’s castle from afar and after nearly escaping the bat that was trying to eat it our little mosquito notices the Prince of Darkness rise from his coffin. In that instant, fell in love, and the Prince of Darkness disappeared into the night.

The mosquito follows suit. After weaving in and out of danger–he was nearly eaten by a frog and spider–our little mosquito catches up to Nosferatu, who has nowhere to go. The windows are sealed by garlic knots and crucifixes. Luckily, there is an entrance into the bedroom of a sleeping beauty. But something goes wrong, and our poor mosquito’s advances go unrequited.

Nosferatu Tango is a surprising love story. It is a unique animation all its own. It has sort of an old-world appeal–the colors and style in which the characters are animated. The mosquito is a 3D animated character while its environment flat. An elegant comparison in textures.

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A mosquito falls deeply in love with a vampire. Always in search of fresh blood, they both plunge in a strange, baroque and dangerous world. A story that shows how blind love can be - uniFrance

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