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Once Upon A Time: ‘Snow Falls’  is an all new episode, from the “grown-up” fairy tale TV series on ABC, co-created by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz of the hit series Lost. The series stars Ginnifer Goodwin (Walk the Line), Jennifer Morrison (Warrior), and Robert Carlyle (The Full Monty) that centers on Emma Swan (Morrison), a woman with a troubled past who is lured to Storybrooke, Maine, where magic, somehow, exists. It is here she may find out that fairytales just may be real. In this episode, Regina (Lana Parrilla) tries to push Emma (Jennifer Morrison) out of Storybrooke, and some disturbing information about the Evil Queen reveals itself. Also, Emma (Morrison) convinces Mary Margaret (Goodwin) to read to the “John Doe” coma patient; and Prince Charming and Snow White meet for the first time.

Snow Falls  served as an excellent background story of Snow White and Prince Charming. We left off in last week’s episode, The Thing You Love Most, with the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin having an engaging conversation on how to make the curse of all curses work. I thought that we were going to get into a bit more of the details behind it, however, ABC chose to enchant us with the back story of how Snow White and Prince Charming met. I loved that they chose not to portray Snow White as some innocent, do-good-er. Instead, she was a manipulative thief  with a rouge personality."Once Upon A Time's" Snow White and Prince Charming - ABC

Prince Charming and his soon grumpy bride-to-be are riding in a beautiful white carriage, pulled by two white stallions when the carriage makes a sudden stop because there was a felled tree in the road. They noticed that the tree was cut down and immediately, a hooded thief pounces on the carriage and makes off with the Princes’s jewels. Of course, being Prince Charming and all, he gives chase on horseback. When he finally catches up with the thief–to all of our surprise–it was a woman; Snow White! She won’t let him catch her though–she feels for a rock and knocks him on the head with it, fleeing.

In the real world, Mary Margaret is trying to get through to her dinner date–who is eyeing the waitress behind her. She asks for the check and while she heads home, she finds Emma preparing to make a home in her car. She offered Emma a place to stay, however, Emma turns her down because she was okay on her own.

The next day at the hospital, Mary Margaret spies Henry at the bedside of the coma patient “John Doe.” He asked her if she knew who he was and of course, she does not.  (psst! Prince Charming). No one knows who he is because no friends or family came to claim him. No worries, though, after Henry discussed with Emma just who John Doe “was” and who Mary Margaret truly “is,” he suggests that Mary read to him–because he will remember—because he promised to always find her.

Emma agrees to speak with Mary about reading to “John Doe.” When she does, he reaches out, and grabs her hand. She immediately notifies the doctor on call, and he tells her that it was impossible. Confused and disappointed, Mary leaves the hospital. As soon as she does, the doctor makes an urgent phone call to…guess who? Right, Mayor Regina i.e. “The Evil Queen” (Parrilla), who is shocked to find that Mary (i.e. Snow White) stirred John Doe from his coma, later walking right out of the hospital to find his beloved.

I am excited for this series because it seems that the writers of the show and its producers will not waste our time giving us some boring, traditional “goody-goody”  fairy-tale–the series so far has successfully bordered on realism; had anyone not been a previous fan of the show, they would be after watching this episode. The fight scenes are beautifully choreographed, along with every detail in the wardrobe, you cannot help but become immersed in this series.

Don’t believe me? Check out the full episode on ABC’s website, then come back, and tell me what you think about the show!

Once Upon A Time - 'Snow Falls'
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Review Summary:

In Once Upon A Time "Snow Falls," Emma convinces Mary Margaret to read to "John Doe," Prince Charming and Snow White meet for the first time.

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