Jeremiah Kipp’s PICKUP (2016) – Review

PICKUP Jeremiah Kipp's PICKUP 2016. Courtesy of Jeremiah Kipp. All rights are reserved.

Megan’s controlled family life is shaken by her destructive addiction.

Jeremiah Kipp's PICKUP 2016. Courtesy of Jeremiah Kipp. All rights are reserved.Director Jeremiah Kipp‘s short-film PICKUP (2016) is a striking and emotional success in visual storytelling that alleviates the need for an excessive use of dialogue which often complicates the delicate visual narrative that is essential in moving a story forward. Megan (Mandy Evans), is surrounded by affluence. She has a big house and a fancy car. A husband who loves her and a young son who depends on her. It appears that Megan has everything she needs in the world to be happy, and yet, she isn’t. Physical needs take the place of material and we watch as Megan supplements her affluent lifestyle to that of taking sexually tenacious risks with the male strangers she hooks up with after “swiping right” on her phone.

Kipp is directorially responsible with such an intense, socially anomalous subject matter that the focus isn’t just on the erratic behaviors of the main protagonist, as much as it is the resulting emotional havoc observed in the subtle glances and gestures of the films remaining characters.

This style of visual storytelling is also seen in writer/director Alex Bohs‘ short-film Finding Franklin, where within the film’s visually narrative patterns cement its expressive and intended message. Physical cues that are easily understood without words. Just as it is in Kipp’s short-film Pickup, the acting performances are divisive and accentuate the emotional potency of the scene, propelling the significance of the moment, and thereby drawing you deeper into the story. Enough is said when it is said. We all have needs. We all make mistakes. It is in observing these patterns that have made this cinematic experience meaningful, emotional, easily understandable as well as felt, that we remember that we are only human.


*screened at film festivals in Madrid, Oxford, Nice and Las Vegas. Screened in NYC on June 21 at the Soho International Film Festival.

Director: Jeremiah Kipp
Writer: Jessica Blank
Stars: Mandy Evans, Jim True-Frost, and Griffin Robert Faulkner
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 15 mins

Art and supplementary materials courtesy ©2017 of Jeremiah Kipp. All rights reserved.

PICKUP (2016)
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Review Summary:

Megan's controlled family life is shaken by her destructive addiction.

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