Prachya Pinkaew’s ‘The Kick’ (2011) – Review


Part comedy, part action film.

Prachya Pinkaew‘s (Ong Bak: Muai Thai Warrior (2003)) The Kick (2011) is one entertaining martial arts filmDon’t worry too much about the storyline, there isn’t any. But what for it doesn’t have in the story–it makes up for it in action! The family’s on-screen chemistry is an absolute strong point in the film–giving viewers an impressive display of martial arts action. I’m not saying that it is the greatest martial arts film ever made–but it indubitably beats whatever film(s) available in theaters this past weekend.

Master Mun (Cho Jae-hyun) is the head of the Mun family. He and his family move from South Korea to begin a Taekwondo school in the capital of Bangkok with his wife Yun Mi-ja (Ye Ji-won), and three children. His oldest son, Tae-yang (Na Tae-ju), really wants to become a famous singer. His dad wishes for him to win a gold medal at the Olympics. Their conflict of wishes does add to the dramatic aspect of the film. Until a group of highly fashionable thieves steal the Kris of Kingdoms, a curved dagger that is rumored to give whoever possesses it the power to rule the world. The Mun family manages to stop them at the first attempt, but they soon find themselves being pursued by the band of thieves–this is where the fantastic action kicks in!

The Kick blends both comedy and action well with neither overpowering the other. The fight choreography beautiful and is fast paced featuring loads of acrobatic maneuvers in a variety of peculiar situations. Each member of the Mun family has a distinct personality and is translated well into their fighting styles, such as Tae-yang’s love of dancing, Tae-mi’s (Kim Gyeong-suk) love of soccer, and Typhoon (Thanathep Sucharitchan) the youngest of the children using his powerful headbutts. All five of them come across as a true and unique family on camera.

Props for featuring kick-ass female characters that can hold their own among the men. I truly expected the “head of the family,” the father, to do more fighting in the film and the generic “bad guy” characters weren’t explored much either including the reason they wanted the artifact in the first place.

Overall, The Kick is an extremely enjoyable film that should be on everyone’s watch list and is totally worth a rental.


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The family that fights together, stays together. A Korean family made up of taekwondo experts moves to Thailand, where they set up a taekwondo gym.

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