History Channel’s DVD POMPEII: THE DOOMED CITY (2014) features three documentaries on one disc. Each investigates one of the biggest natural disasters in history: the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Pompeii, buried under an amazing ten feet of ash, left hundreds dead and their bodies preserved in their final moments. The Pompeii documentaries explore the scientific evidence of Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. POMPEII: THE DOOMED CITY

The three episodes featured on the DVD are Digging for the Truth: Pompeii Secrets Revealed, In Search of History: Pompeii and Mega Disasters: The Next Pompeii. Each “dig deep” beneath the surface of the ancient destruction, and asks what would happen if Mt. Vesuvius erupted again today of the same size. The documentaries cover two hours of informative material that lead up to the last moments of the centuries old eruption.

How well the structural aspects of Pompeii remain after the 79 A. D. eruption is impressive. The city, frozen in time by raining volcanic ash and rock. The buildings in the Bay of Naples were made from the cooled volcanic rock from previous eruptions. Yet remains the underlying realization that someday in the future, Mt. Vesuvius may again awaken, and the same buildings may be preserved or recycled to build a new city.

Nature continues to prove it is both an awe inspiring and devastating force.

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Explore one of the world's most devastating natural disasters with three gripping HISTORY specials. *A a plaster cast of a dog, from the House of Orpheus, Pompeii, AD 79.

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