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POWDER (1995)

Pure energy has a name.

Powder (1995) was a film ahead of its time in terms of the powerful message it contains. It presents a reflection of humanity as a whole via a mysterious young man with extraordinary powers who is mistreated by his peers in a rural community. Throughout history, people have often feared the unknown and persecuted those that went against the status quo. What Powder proposes is that there may be something else to our existence and the possibilities for humanity’s potential in the future.

Sean Patrick Flanery stars as Jeremy “Powder” Reed, an albino who was found in the basement of his grandparents’ home. With his pale skin and abnormal eye color, he was kept in the basement and allowed to work on their farm, but never roamed past their property in fear of the rest of the community. After his grandfather passed, Sheriff Doug Barnum (Lance Henriksen) and child services psychologist Jessie Caldwell (Mary Steenburgen) take him to a state boys home and enroll him in the local high school. There, he is alienated and shakes up the town’s perceptions about life and the unknown.

Jeremy is a beautiful character that quite a few people can relate to, and the torment he experiences throughout the film is deeply saddening. His experiences allow the viewer to observe the different development levels of humanity, ranging from the very kind to the very violent. However, even the antagonistic characters are worthy of sympathy when taken into consideration hints about their own personal situations that brought them to the boys home. Powder suggests that with genuine compassion and an understanding of oneness and tolerance for all life, humanity as a whole can bloom into something much more beautiful–much like Jeremy.

Then there is the question: what exactly is Jeremy? His biological origins are as mysterious and remarkable as his powers. Could he have been a messenger from beyond the stars to serve as an example for oneness or humanity? Was he placed there to help the community face their prejudices and fears for their personal development? It is very possible. Whomever or whatever his “Powder” character is–there is an important message to take from this film. It has the potential to change someones prejudiced view of others and perhaps many to reconsider how they treat others and maybe even themselves. Powder is a powerfully enlightening, emotional film.

The one  film that everyone should see at least once. Highly recommended.

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A young bald albino boy with unique powers shakes up the rural community he lives in.

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