Merchant, adventurer KITSUNE. The TRICKSTER.


Background: The Hallah is the last community of Grey elves left from the mainland. They are essential to Harmony due to their rich imports of honey, pollen and other necessary craft materials that cannot be grown within the barriers of Harmony.

Kitsune is from the Merchant clan of Hallah. Her clan trades with the Dark Elves of Eldandin, Harmony. Kitsune likes to believe that she is more clever than her father who uses his “high moral” standing in their woodland community to always be fair and just with the other Merchants stationed around Eldandin, however, Kitsune, even though she is considered the fairest of her clan, she prefers to use her intellect rather than her beauty. For instance, she likes to have a little fun when dealing with mischievous traders whose aim is to take advantage of her father’s good will. During the sale of an especially rare or highly valued good, Kitsune involves a riddle in addition to trade currency. Provided the mischievous merchant answered her riddle correctly—determined the price of the good. Correct answers = fair trade. Guess wrong = paying more or trading low on an especially rare or highly valued good.

•  Age: 2000+
•  Height: 6’
•  Weight: N/A
•  Sex: Female
•  Misc.: Trickster
•  Eye Color: Jeweled Yellow
•  Hair Color: Blonde
•  Body Type: Ectomorph, agile, slim
•  Ethnicity: Hallah – Wood Elf
•  Occupation: Merchant
•  Hobbies: Riddles

Amidst the tangled webs Kitsune weaves, she cannot help but antagonize Dûrion during certain tasks for his clans. She finds Dûrion’s “go it alone” solo methods to be boorish. Kitsune is always there to “enliven” every step of his way with riddles like these two:

“I never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all. To live, and breathe, on this terrestrial ball. What am I?”*

“At night they come without being fetched. By day, they are lost without being stolen. What are they?”*

Regardless of her riddles and tricks, Kitsune serves an important purpose—she has the ability to show weakness in any great manner of beast (for this, Anhur despises her).

Archetypal Information:

Kitsune character is ideal for the trickster archetype. She loves to play games and spout out riddles to either confuse the uncanny—or to profit in some way. She is also helpful to Durion. Even though, Durion is a loner—he sort of tolerates Kitsume. She easily makes his long hours fly by. She is spontaneous—she helps him to get around more powerful enemies with her cunning. Full of mischief, Kitsunae has the ability to change. For better or for worse—at a moments whim. She is witty as well. Kind of a fighter, too. Perhaps she has a crush on Durion?

PMAI Information:

Kitsune would score highest in the JESTER archetype and why not? She is intelligent, witty and at times fun to be around. She enjoys the moment and she does help Duroin fair better with his tasks. She enjoys life and what she does. She even has the riddles and tricks to prove it! Kitsune would show lowest in the INNOCENT archetype. Even though, she likes to have fun—it’s all in fun and not necessarily intended to harm anyone. Although at times accidents do happen. She falls back on the INNOCENT archetype to try and get out of the troubles she causes. Or innocently incites the troubles she is already in. I believe when things get tough, Kitsune get serious. She can do whatever she can to get over her problems—she is highly intelligent. Though she has to be careful in not making too light of a situation which may prove extremely difficult for others.

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**Answers to riddles:  The future/Tomorrow. Stars.

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