Eldandil SHAPE-SHIFTER WIDOW Enchantress: Haldaraina


Background: Widows are the chanters of the Dark Elves. They are known for their ancient spells and incantations that emanate from the core of the Great Tree. The Widows are one with the greenery and species of all Eldandil. Widows are not only the realm’s enchanters but are also a breed of Warg. Wargs have the ability to enter the minds of animals; the roots of trees and with their senses can even control their actions. Widows are the first to warn of danger to the realm. Inbattle, a Hunter can channel a Widow to summon nearby creatures to aid them in battle when their own auras are spent.

•  Age:  2000+ •  Height:  6’2 •  Weight: N/A •  Sex:  Female •  Misc.:  Shapeshifter •  Eye Color:  Black •  Hair Color:  White •  Body Type:  Mesomorph •  Ethnicity:  Dark Elf •  Occupation:  Widow •  Hobbies:  Tormentor
•  Age:  2000+
•  Height:  6’2
•  Weight: N/A
•  Sex:  Female
•  Misc.:  Shapeshifter
•  Eye Color:  Black
•  Hair Color:  White
•  Body Type:  Mesomorph
•  Ethnicity:  Dark Elf
•  Occupation:  Widow
•  Hobbies:  Tormentor

Haldaraina is the over-confident head Widow Enchantress within Harmony and is an astute leader to her lesser apprentices. What she didn’t count on was being companion to Dûrion—an elf without parents—an elf without an animus. Paired to help Dûrion discover himself—forcibly appointed by the Master Lore keeper—Haldaraina keeps Dûrion guessing what her next directive will be.

With the ability to channel through any and all living plants and animals of Eldandin, Haldaraina enjoys providing challenges for Dûrion. Mostly because she wants to focus on her preferred charges—Widows like herself—than spend an exceptional amount of time companioning Dûrion. However, she believes that by confusing—not specifically lying to Dûrion about the tasks he and others must complete. She believes Dûrion will benefit in the long run towards his own self-discoveries, hence making him a better companion.

Depending on her mood from day to day, Haldaraina is either helpful—or hurtful. A lot of it depends on whether or not which end would benefit her most. She keenly understands her companions—which makes her able to manipulate them.

Archetypal Information:

Haldaraina is definitely one elf who loves to change her mind. Her mood changes as the wind blows. However, even as a shape shifter archetype—she is still difficult to understand. Dûrion doesn’t know if he should take anything she says seriously—she lies on occasion. Even when she has well intention—she changes her mind. When Haldaraina notices Dûrion is skeptical of her actions it doesn’t bother her. In the long run, she believes she is of great help especially when the end results fall in her favor—Or is a benefit to the whole of Harmony. She can be very difficult—and loves it.

PMAI Information:

Being a shape-shifter makes it really difficult to assign her to a specific archetype. However, I will go with MAGICIAN as her highest PMAI score. Since she is often difficult even when she is helping other—she can easily alter the outcome of any behavior or experience. Haldaraina would score lowest in LOVER. She simply doesn’t care enough to make a commitment to Dûrion and his long term goals. However, LOVER does work in some respects for her character. She does care about the overall welfare of her home world—hell, she lives there. When problems arise she easily look to blame others for her potential happiness. At times, she enjoys pitting Dûrion’s companions against the others mostly because she is bored. She fears not having something to do.

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