Michael and Shawn Rasmussen’s DARK FEED – Review


Insanity can be contagious.


Michael and Shawn Rasmussen‘s Dark Feed is a low-budget and extremely rare treat for fans of campy horror. It does have an underwhelming amount of gore and suspense–the acting make the film just interesting enough to watch. No, wait. Maybe it is an interesting watch because there is a partly-naked–okay, entirely naked psycho-nurse and even she needed acting lessons. But some of us don’t watch these kinds of films for the acting, Oui? Given the extreme amount of darkness and violent situations is just curious enough to want to check out this film but be in no hurry; however Dark Feed isn’t in any competitive shape to compete with the greatest horror films of all time. It’s just a minimally satisfying genre “B” horror flick.

A film crew chooses an abandoned asylum to film a horror movie. The corroded and dilapidated building is filled with excessive water damage, putrid air and an eerie black liquid that leaks out of every crack, crevice and from the ceiling. This just wasn’t a very clean place to be in. The longer the film crew spends in this building–they begin to slip into madness. The atmosphere become worse just as the hostility between them challenges their last hold on reality and sanity. The characters have their own distinct personality and are surprisingly likable: The “nice guy” scriptwriter slash office worker Chris (Andy Rudick), Beth (Victoria Nugent) the attractive stage hand and of course the film’s antagonist Mitch (Daniel Berger-Jones)–Beth’s ex. Of course,  there is always a person in in these low-budget flicks that begs to be killed right away, and that’s Jack (Michael Reed), the film’s expected star.

I also enjoyed the dynamics among the crew. There is an established hierarchy that predictably creates the divide between the stagehands or “underlings” and the creative team or “important people.” This made for a successful combination for the film’s naturally occurring dialogue, sparing us the cheesy one-liners. Yet my eyes hurt from the imbalanced lighting effects–the film shifted from brilliantly bright to haunting darkness too often. There isn’t a good moment in between to adjust. The camera angles were just–jarring. 

Or maybe that just means I need glasses?

I am willing to give the film it’s props–it isn’t all bad. Just don’t hope for it to be insatiably gory or you will be disappointed. However, it’s a decent horror with an underlying mystery that destroys the friendship between it’s characters.

No brains nor brawn necessary.  

There are quite a few special features included on the DVD version but are more like content fillers and does not add any value to the DVD. There is optional English and Spanish subtitles, English 5.1 Dolby Digital audio all in widescreen presentation.

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Dark Feed
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A film crew moves into an abandoned psychiatric hospital with a shadowy past to shoot a low budget horror movie.

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