A twisted leprechaun revenge story from Louisiana.


Drew Daywalt‘s RED CLOVER is an all too campy and mediocre fright direct from the SyFy channel and just in time for the eeriest season of the year. Never mind the ill positioned camera angles or having to listen to one too many corny one-liners and the shoddy special effects make the film interesting.  Red Clover rank low on the scare factor, however, is teeming with funny moments enough to make the film a holiday or any day must see. Now for the details:


Almost seven decades have passed since a bloody massacre took place on St. Patrick’s Day in the town of Keening, Louisiana. Many of the citizens blame the deaths on a powerful storm, but the truth is far more supernatural and gruesome. Exactly sixty-six years later, Karen O’Hara (Courtney Halverson) unknowingly releases the horrible creature responsible for the massacre onto the town once again in the present day and just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day festival after its sixty-six year hiatus.

At least “Clover” starts out on a positive note. Karen and her grandfather Pop (William Devane) bonding while hunting in the woods makes for a solid premise. However, once you catch a glimpse of the Dobby’esq leprechaun creature that things start to go downhill for everyone in the nearby community.

The once imprisoned creature slashes his way through unsuspecting citizens in an intense and bloody furies of attacks. The camera swooshes in and out and present in peculiar angles in an attempt to make the more violent scenes appear intense or suspenseful results as comical and sketchy. What’s more, the film has a “R” rating for “bloody creature violence” which is laughable.

Overall the film is absolutely worth it for the laughs. A good horror-comedy is truly hard to find.


After Dark’s RED CLOVER DVD features include: 

•  Audio Commentary with director Drew Daywalt, Courtney Halverson, and creature effects designer Jeff Farley.
• A code for instant ULTRAVIOLET streaming. 

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After Dark Films presents RED CLOVER a terrifying story of a leprechaun's revenge. Scary, that is, if you are afraid of leprechauns.

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