Review In Brief: THE FRENCH DOORS (2011)

Short Film: The French Doors
Directed by:   Steve Ayson


Haunted possessions are a horror genre in and of itself. There will always a tale or two about paintings or toys haunted by restless spirits or serve as a gateway into another dimension. These tangible aspects of paranormal ghost stories will always be successful because it has roots historically. The 2012 film The Possession based on the true story of the Brenek family haunted dybbuk box (Jewish wine box) that possessed an evil spirit. This horror cliché will always open a pandora’s box of plot predictability and should be one of the horror clichés to avoid. The French Doors is of no exception. The story revolves around the mystery of the “French Doors” yet does not offer minimal information where the doors originate. This tidbit of information would have done wonders for the action that came later in the film. Instead, viewers have to settle for the films eventual darkness, monster sock puppet, slow pacing and momentary shock value.

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Review Summary:

A home renovator fits a set of second-hand French doors in a back room of his house. He soon discovers that light isn't all they let in.

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