Review In Brief: Clive Owen in HOSTAGE

Have BMW, will travel.


directed by JOHN WOO
starring CLIVE OWEN

The BMW featured short film HOSTAGE (2007) directed by John Woo, The Driver (Clive Owen) meets with an unidentified former employee who has kidnapped a female CEO of a company. The demand–a briefcase filled with man with a briefcase filled with money, an exact dollar amount of $5,088,042. The importance of the amount later disclosed to be the missing CEO’s cellphone number. The beginning of the short was a tad confusing, however, the tension and understanding of what is going on reveals the moment the employee answers the phone which confirms that she is alive at the moment, and the money bears no importance in her rescue.

The hero “the Driver” must locate the kidnapped CEO; however, her whereabouts are unknown. The Driver breaks ties with the federal agents, hops in his fancy BMW and utilizing the GPS in the CEOs phone locates her. The stakes are raised when the woman realizes that water is entering the car trunk she where she is trapped. The water signifies time. It would not be long before the woman, and the car submerges. The car chase sequences could have been utilized without the use of the BMW, however, would not have been as interesting.

Overall, a pretty decent intense action short that is edgy and entertaining.

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Review Summary:

Clive Owen in a BMW. Sexy.

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