Review In Brief: OUT OF ORDER (2010)

Short Film: Out of Order
From: Flabber TV
Starring Hanna Verboom


The short film OUT OF ORDER (2010) is a cinematic equivalent of the scary public bathroom horror tales of urban legend. The film is quick to engage viewers by introducing an attractive female character lured into a predicament in which she has no control over. In addition to having her character scrounge around on the floor of a public restroom lacked a much needed ick factor. The set influenced the eeriness of the tale providing an unsettling appeal to the films overall tone. It is not out of the ordinary to see a bathroom attendant attend, so there is nothing weird about his character profile that need explaining. However, the mysterious hand in the toilet that adds an element of uncertainty to the plot and raises questions the short does not provide an answer. Overall, the lighting and other ambient effects of the bathroom does not facilitate the films overall visual effectiveness nor its plausibility as a horror.

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The horror of using public restrooms. From the Netherlands.

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