Review In Brief: TAKASHI DOSCHER’S ‘CUT OFF’ (2012)

When fiction starts to blend with reality.


written and directed by TAKASHI DOSCHER


Writer/Director Takashi Sosher‘s CUT OFF (2012) is a one-dimensional suspense short where the main protagonist becomes so immersed in his work “real” life takes second precedence. The dialogue and concept for the short are plausible. Yet, the acting remained unconvincing. The bits of comedy in the piece added to the believability of some of the films scenes, especially at the end where the father “takes out” the mannequin wearing the wedding dress.

The production value of the short is entertaining. There are successful suspenseful elements in the short beginning with the water stopping in the shower, and then the lights in the house go out. The suspenseful effort wanes towards the end of the film and yields to the underlying predictability of the plot.

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  • Last modified: 2014-04-10

Review Summary:

When fiction starts to blend with reality.

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