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Bigfoot Country LIONSGATE Bigfoot Country (2012) Writer, director Stephon Stewart has added another completely unnecessary, mediocre film to the “found footage” genre of no return–in all it’s un-documentary un-stylized glory. The set up, three filmmakers–friends–visits Siskiyou Country, a small town that has confirmed reports of Bigfoot sightings. The crew investigates a few of the locals that tell them that they have seen Bigfoot, and that he, or it, is big, and scary.

Then they meet this one resident who is short on intelligence, who agrees to take them into the woods to show them proof of the alleged Bigfoot sightings. After a lot of shaky camera here and there footage, they are all seen running around, screaming for help, and surprisingly, they see the mysterious beast, but before you get anywhere near the “good part” of the film, understand that you will endure a very painful first half of the film watching the filmmaker Stewart, as himself, Shy Pilgreen, and Davee Youngblood‘s nonsensical back and forth dialogue.

Now when these three get lost, then you have a little more interesting visuals and chatter to get into and, at times, okay choreographed scenes and camerawork. Now thankfully, it wasn’t all muddled and overly difficult. Yet it is painful to watch.

I have grown tired of found footage films. Scratch that. I have grown very ill of bad found footage films. Even thought the end of this very bad film is a little unexpected–it does nothing to make up for the 82 minutes of time loss.

Please. No more bad found footage films. Seriously. I’m hurting here.

Bigfoot Country
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Review Summary:

A documentary filmmmaker and his crew venture up to Siskiyou Country, know for their Bigfoot sightings. While there to investigate, they meet a local who leads them into the woods showing them evidence of Bigfoot's existence.

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