Review In Brief: Fred 3 ‘Camp Fred’

FRED 3 CAMP FRED  Lucas Cruikshank ("Fred") stars in Lionsgate Home Entertainment's Fred 3: Camp Fred.

Meet Fred Figglehorn. Hero. Camp Iwannapeepee.

Fred 3 ‘Camp Fred’ (Lionsgate) Youtube sensation Fred (Lucas Cruikshank) is back for his third original movie and the phenomenon continue to grow! Cruikshank portrays Fred, a young man with a chipmunk-like voice with unusual social mannerisms, sent off to a horrible summer camp. Between the musical numbers, the main character’s voice, and the kiddie humor, getting through this film can be rather difficult if you are not used to watching a really charismatic, and high-pitched voice of the film’s main character, Fred.

Fred Figglehorn is super excited about the last day of school. He intends to go to Camp Superior, a high-class summer camp where there are endless fun activities to engage in and monkey butlers. But he finds out that his mother (Siobhan Fallon Hogan) has enrolled him into a disgusting, cheaper camp by the name of Camp Iwannapeepee. Fred believes the owner of the camp, Floyd (Tom Arnold), is a giant rat monster feasting on the campers at night. Camp Superior is also Iwannapeepee’s rival, and the two camps must face off against each other in the 70th Annual Summer Camp Games.

Will Fred be the one who will lead them to victory?

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The first few minutes of the film are a little distracting, especially if this is your first time being introduced to the ‘Fred Figglehorn’ character. It really is an awesome film for kids to enjoy for its witty humor and in addition, to WWE superstar John Cena making a cameo appearance as Fred’s father and demonstrating a few of his signature wrestling moves. In all, Camp Fred is a quirky family film.

Funny, funny ha, ha!

Fred 3: Camp Fred DVD features include:

  • Making Camp: An inside look at Camp Fred
  • Camping it Up: Playing His Figgle Horn
  • Cabin Fever: Sizzling Fred

Making Camp goes behind the scenes into the opinions of the cast and their characters as well as director Jonathan Judge‘s input on previous experience working with Lucas for the previous Fred films. The crew members discuss how they were inspired by personal camp stories to create a script for Camp Fred. Camping it Up shows how the crew set up filming the first musical number. Cabin Fever features Lucas discussing his current success, how much he appreciates the support of his fans, and a new series entitled Marvin, Marvin debuted November 24th, 2012 on Nicklodeon.

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Review Summary:

Youtube sensation "Fred" is back in Fred 3 'Camp Fred.' School is out and Fred dreams of water slides, but oh no! His mom signs him up for the wrong camp!

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