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HIROKIN The Last Samurai, 2012 Hirokin The Last Samurai (2012) is a disappointing film. I don’t think that anyone sets out to make a terrible film on purpose. No matter how great the intention is to make a good, or an even okay, film–unfortunately, this one just wasn’t. The only reason I believe that this film is available, is because Wes Bentley, the guy from The Hunger Games, is in it. I bet that after the success of The Hunger Games, Wes wished he wasn’t in Hirokin. I mean seriously, why are these post-apocalyptic films so depressingly bad.

Set on a desolated planet of Aradius, where humans must scavenge in order to survive, Hirokin, the reluctant hero who has a dark and warring past, sets off on a mission to fulfill some undisclosed destiny.  As in every planetary chaos, there is an evil leader; Griffin (Julian Sands) is all about killing people–well, women–in an arena style of combat, where the husbands are chained to this mechanical device and are attacked. Every time they lose footing, the chain shortens. Their wives are strapped to this makeshift iron merry-go-round, impaling them, should their husband lose. Griffin is the oppressor of the Arid people, and he murders them to try and lure in rebel leader Moss (Angus MacFadyen) out of hiding. Spoiler! One thing happens after another, and, in the end, Hirokin and Moss dies. Yes. After all the uniting the tribes speeches, in the end, they die.

The film at least has some amazing visuals–beautiful wardrobe, a space ship that looks like a Star Wars pirate ship. The environment was like that of a low budget John Carter movie. This movie is filled with potential, had there been a major studio backing it. Director Alejo Mo-Sun tried to channel a bit of what George Lucas  accomplished with the successful Star Wars series and even has a rip-off version of Darth Maul meets Darth Vader character. Unfortunately, this time, the odds were not in Bentley’s favor.

Don’t waste your time. 

Hirokin The Last Samurai
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A reluctant samurai with a dark past sets off on a mission to fulfill his destiny.

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