Review in Brief: Simon Wincer’s ‘The Cup’

From left to right Brendan Gleeson (Dermot Weld left),Stephen Curry (Damien Oliver, center) and Nick Simpson-Deeks (Pat Smullen, right) star in Lionsgate Home Entertainment's The Cup

It takes more than winning to be a hero.

The Cup (2011) is based on the true story of the 2002 Melbourne Cup, a huge horse race hosted annually in western Australia. Directed by Simon Wincer (Free Willy, Operation Dumbo Drop) and starring comedian Stephen Curry, The Cup is a truly inspirational horse racing story horse lovers, and fans of the sport can enjoy. The films focus is on Damien Oliver (Curry), who is the best jockey in all of Australia, and he comes from a great dynasty of jockeys. Tragedy struck Oliver’s father, who died in a terrible accident on the track 27 years prior. Damien teams up with top Irish trainer Dermot Weld (Brendan Gleeson) in order to win the Melbourne Cup, but tragedy strikes again when his brother Jason (Daniel MacPherson) meets the same fate as their father. Now, Daniel must win the Cup in homage to his family.

The Cup is beautifully shot and professionally magnificent. Overall it isn’t the most exciting movie, however, Damien’s (Curry) character has an extremely likable personality. From the moment he is introduced on screen, you can get a sense that he is a winner. Brilliant acting performances from the entire cast–especially Gleeson as  Dermont Weld–although there was a brief use of CGI in the film (Jason’s accident) that was really noticeable and a bit distorted. The overall quality of the film, however, is near brilliant. If you are an admirer of the films Seabiscuit and Secretariat, you will also become an admirer of Wincer’s The Cup.

The features of the DVD contain a featurette that hosts opinions of the film from the actors point of view. They discuss the genuineness of the film’s subject matter, including the fond experience working with Brendon Gleeson (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1), and their experiences with being around live horses. Wincer’s eye for detail is phenomenal and realistic. MacPherson was particularly excited to work on the film since he knows the real Daniel Oliver personally, and is honored to pay homage to his legacy, shown brilliantly in widescreen presentation.

 A great family film. Recommended.

The Cup special features include:

  • Making The Cup featurette
  • Widescreen Presentation
  • English 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Optional English and Spanish subtitles

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Review Summary:

The Cup tells the true story Damien Oliver, a young jockey who triumphs at the 2002 Melbourne Cup, one of the most thrilling sports finales in history.

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