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RID OF ME 2011

Adults can be mean.


James Westby‘s RID OF ME (2011) is a delicate black comedy about skinny and socially withdrawn Meris (Katie O’Grady), a woman scorned when her tightly wound newlywed husband Mitch (John Keyser) abruptly ends their marriage the moment his former high school sweetheart comes into the picture. Sounds like a typical romance, oui? However, the scene changes the moment bloody menses smeared on the face of an unsuspecting grocery shopper set viewers on notice that this is no ordinary love story.

How’s that for a bloody start to a movie?
RID OF ME 2011

Meris’s already skittish demeanor is quickly shattered the moment she leaves her hometown of Irvine, California. Meris accompanies her husband to his hometown in Oregon and she is unprepared to meet his former high school buddies. She is undermined by the hostilities of Mitch’s former high school companions–who come off as pretentious racist socialites with whom Meris is forced to socialize with. Eventually, she takes a job at the local candy shop and the world of opportunity comes in the form of a goth-like co-worker, Trudy (Orianna Herman), who introduces Meris to the world of goth-rock, drugs and alcoholism.

Hell hath no fury for a woman scoffed, sneered, jeered and laughed at. For all the drama surrounding Meris’s stream of unfortunate events–the methods for production, or the bringing together the misaligned “meet and greet” scenes in the movie sucked. Mitch’s group of pretentious buddies accidentally meet-up with Meris’s group of social misfits on the sidewalk, then again the same night meet at a local karaoke bar, and again in a bowling alley made for a messy and incoherent sequence of events and sloppy confrontations. The obvious perks of living in a small community.

For what it’s worth. Rid of Me (2011) boils down to getting your life back together after surviving painful rejection, or so the purpose of this dramedy anyway.

Worth a peek.

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An awkward black comedy about skinny and socially withdrawn Meris. A woman scorned.

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