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Mickey Keating‘s RITUAL (2013) is, well, a boring, nonchalant and tedious horror. It could have sufficed as an interesting short “short.” It is something that has been seen before and not done in a remarkable presentation. Annoying characters. Longer than is necessary dialogue and situations will not allow this film to be a part of anyone’s Halloween horror movie watch list.

Tom (Dean Cates) and Lovely (Lisa Marie Summerscales) were past lovers who married young. Predictably, the marriage crumbled, and the couple went their separate ways. One night Lovely phones Tom in distress. Tom rushes to her rescue and discovers the body of a dead man in her hotel room. Lovely has stabbed a man to death. Perhaps the killing has something to do with the mysterious video tape that depicts a Satanic murder ritual. The video plays while the former couple cleans up the bloody scene. Queue in the “cult” who knows of their whereabouts and for some reason or another will not stop until they have their new sacrifice.

The hotel room and the scene where Tom visits is excruciating. The silence of the entire scene is lengthy, and it is more than a moment of screen time before Lovely even speaks a WORD of what occurred. It is mainly back and forth nonsense with both characters repeating the same lines of dialogue. The whole scene is longer than it should be. Okay, it is understood that she has just experienced a traumatic event. However, it could have been done in such a way that it could have been less of a chore to watch. Visually the film is not bad looking, but the cult’s skull masks and uniforms are terrible and not at all scary. The flick gets by solely on its similarity (though not well-executed) to previous cult films within the same genre and subject matter.

Excruciating. The only reward from watching RITUAL (2013) is when the ending credits roll.

RITUAL (2013) comes with an Ultraviolet code for streaming.

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A man arrives at a seedy highway motel to find that his estranged wife has killed a stranger who is connected to a dangerous cult.

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