Sal Bardo’s PINK MOON (2015) – Review

PINK MOON 2015 courtesy of SAL BARDO Photo credit Sasha Maslov

A short film about LGBTQ and Reproductive rights.

Actor and indie filmmaker Sal Bardo‘s presents PINK MOON (2005), an intriguing interpretation of a divisive subculture that is neither obligatory nor offensive. In fact, it is a love story that has every poignant element makes for a traditional, yet evocative, romantic feature. Set in a dystopian society–and the term dystopian is used loosely here–for the film is neither undesirable or frightening–it is a film about two young people who meet and fall in love. As a result of their union, a child is conceived, and that it occurs where its politic are that of monogamous homosexual relationships.

PINK MOON is successful in depicting varying brutal aspects of non-heterosexual acceptance–bullying, teen pregnancy, physical and verbal harassment–and how it relates to real-world situations where some LGBTQ individuals experience. The storyline conducts in a rigorous, productive portrayal, paired with brilliant acting performances cement difficulties experienced by those on the “other side” of acceptance in normal-familiar circumstances, compounded by unacceptance from friends and family.

A subtle interplay of contemplative relationships director Sal Bardo’s film decisively reaffirms.

PINK MOON‘s (2015) cruciality defends overall American sociocultural perspectives–the right to life, love and to choose whoever makes us happy. Perhaps encourage viewers to reconsider a greater certainty for social and political acceptance, for all.

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Art and supplementary material courtesy ©2015 of Sal Bardo. All rights are reserved.

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Review Summary:

Two teens are forced to hide an unintended pregnancy in a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden.

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