Sans ‘e’

This poem is the result of a challenge proposed to the poetry group on the Mental Octagon .  The challenge:  to write a poem without using words that contained the letter ‘e’, the poem’s length:  between 50-100 words.  This sounded easy until I tried writing it.  Originally, I shot for the 100 word mark, but then settled with 50 words–yes, I counted 🙂 .  The results of the challenge is posted below.  The lesson here:  Always be willing to give it a shot.    Thanks Nancy!’

In finding words
to simplify a lull
of words to idiom

pity I cannot abstain
without authority
accounts that simplify

my words lack of citations
unbound idioms–such
a harsh fruit of labor

so I, willing participant
will war with words
that fail to

carryout a lullaby
for companion,
folk or foul bird

Image credit: EP Arts Photography
all rights reserved

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