Review in Brief: SEANCE ‘The Summoning’

SEANCE, THE SUMMONING, 2012Alex Wright‘s Seance: The Summoning (2011) is an awkward paranormal horror about four friends, fueled by curiosity, attempt to find out the answer to the question: does the afterlife truly exists? Unfortunately, they all seem to have found the answer in a slightly controversial, freak out B-grade horror. Yes, Seance is another movie about another paranormal possession–one more than the genre really needs. The set up for the film sectioned into two parts–before the possession, then after the possession.  Both are equally painful to watch.

Eva (Nazneen Contractor) is a psychic medium who is accused of being a fraud by her friend Joey (Bobby Campo). In order to prove to him that she is legit, she has to perform a seance in a nearby morgue where Marcus (Chris Olivero) works as a security guard. What happens next is nothing more that paranormal viewing terror–and I mean on the part of the viewer.

Sad thing about this film is that the beginning of the film is set up pretty well. The characters are quite likable however, the acting performances are terrible. It’s just that as soon as they get to the point of performing the seance–the film just nosedives from there. Admitting that there were a few scenes of worthy eye-candy, and a couple of the special effects came off really well. There were a few really gory scenes notably cringe worthy. If we can just look past “Demon Joey’s” performance and supernatural mannerisms. Again I will have to admit that the best thing about this film is the gore. Disgustingly impressive in some scenes, left to be desired in others. In all, your typical low-budget horror.

Seance: The Summoning is another one of those special B-movies that would be great to watch on ole’ Hallows eve. Hell, it may even be a great film to scare away those meddling trick-or-treaters. The film is just that bad kinda.

Perfect for a B-movie night, absolutely.  

Special features for Seance: The Summoning include:

  • Behind the scenes of Seance: The Summoning
  • Trailer Gallery
  • Widescreen Presentation
  • English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
  • Optional English Subtitles
  • Optional Spanish Subtitles

The DVD presentation for the film isn’t bad at all. The film looks really good. The 5.1 Dolby Digital audio is pretty decent. Behind the scenes takes the audience for an exclusive look into the starting concept for the film, as well as opinions of the actors about their roles and their experiences on the set.

Source Arrow Entertainment 

Seance, The Summoning
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 1 stars
  • Really Bad

Review Summary:

Four friends decide to break into the city morgue and record themselves holding a seance after Joey accuses the other of being a fake psychic medium. When the group summons a demon by mistake Joey breaks the circle of protection and causes himself to be vulnerable. Once possessed they will have to find a way to drive the demon out of their friend before it destroys them all.

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